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If the phrase "middle school" forms part of a compound proper noun, then yes: "Smallville Middle School". If it forms part of a title or headline, yes: "Smallville Middle School Student Seen Flying!". 12 Capitalization Rules Most People Don't Know - Vappingo ... In this article, we take a look at some of the capitalizations rules that are regularly flouted and explain the do's & don'ts of using capital letters in your writing. Do capitalize official job titles or role names but only if they come before the name and are attached to the name. Do not capitalize the title if it comes after the name.

When to Capitalize People's Titles - Grammar and Punctuation We recently revised our blog "When to Capitalize People's Titles" to reflect that titles may be either capitalized or lowercased in the complimentary close of a letter. However, when considering the "acting" portion of the signature line you are considering, our Grammar Rules for Capitalization section advises that occupations or job ... Capitalization of Job Titles - Looking for information about capitalization of job titles? The rules depend on the order of the words, the use of the words, and whether or not the job title is part of the person's name. Are college majors capitalized in AP style? | AnswersDrive Do not capitalize classes of students in a college or high school, and the words freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate. Example: The senior class donated a special gift. Common noun elements should only be capitalized when part of an official title.

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capitalization - Is the word 'varsity' capitalized when it follows ... But if we accept "Francis X. Bushman High School Varsity Football ... Ultimately, capitalizing Varsity and/or Football and/or Team is a style issue ... Capitalization in English | Guidelines and Examples - Scribbr 19 Apr 2019 ... In English, always capitalize the first letter of sentences and names of specific ... first lady, was raised in Chicago and is a graduate of Harvard Law School. ... The Middle Ages were dismissed as backward by Renaissance thinkers. ... When writing a paper or thesis, you have two options for capitalizing the ... Capitals: Help with Capitals // Purdue Writing Lab

Do not capitalize articles (like a, an, the) or conjunctions and prepositions if they are less than four letters. However, you should capitalize them if they are the first or last words in the title. However, you should capitalize them if they are the first or last words in the title.

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Do not capitalize the names of the seasons, unless the seasons are personified, as in poetry ("Spring's breath"). (It is, of course, highly unlikely that you would personify a season in a technical paper.)

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